Why Invest in a Retractable Roof in NZ

A retractable roof system is a type of roof opening that often sits above a deck or veranda. The retractable roofs for pools & patios in NZ and glass roofing system is a premium roof system because the leaves are pulled back when you want to enjoy the sky above you or your view. When you're done, you can put the blinds back on.

A retractable sunroof is also known as a "movable roof" or "retractable roof." The standard range of the sunroof differs from the retractable sunroof in that the standard sunroof does not pull the blade, but rotates up to 180 degrees.

Popular for high-quality renovations and new buildings, restaurants and bars, The retractable sunroof provides the end user with a controlled outdoor area.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits customers get from installing a retractable roof system on their deck or patio.

During the summer months, good weather allows us to enjoy the sun – but shade is a must. With an openable sunroof, you can set and control conditions. The large open space at the top is easily reached by pulling the blade back. Enjoy your ventilation and views.

However, if head protection is required, simply replace the blinds with the push of a button. With the folding curtain back cover, you can still adjust and control the conditions as the blade can rotate up to 180 degrees.

The retractable roof system is our first class roof opening due to the functionality and technology behind this smart product. The results are outstanding and an ideal addition to high-quality renovations and new buildings.