What If You Fail the FDA Pre Approval Inspection?

Failure to inspect the FDA is not the end of the world, but it can certainly cause a lot of trouble for you and your business. Either by carelessness or because you weren't quite ready for the inspector's visit.

Failure at this stage will cause the FDA to question whether your analytical methods and the way you plan to make the product are what they claim to be "the best." You may have to face warning letter,

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If after reviewing the information provided and setting out detailed specifications for the manufacture and inspection of your product, the FDA inspectors still refuse to let you across, the problem is just around the corner and many problems need to be resolved.

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Several pharmaceutical consulting firms have identified the most common problems to face after a failed FDA inspection. Here's the few:

IMPROVED INSPECTION: Violations result in re-checking for new data, retesting, and revised procedures. Inspectors will check to see if you have made the appropriate changes and will likely visit the various clinical investigators who will work with you.

INTEGRITY POLICY INTEGRITY: Serious deviance can be interpreted as an attempt at fraud. Simple data recording errors render the information completely unreliable by the FDA. You can then view the app's health policy and force the company to run its own internal audit to check for any discrepancies between the data provided and the actual information.

DEBARAMENT: Any person who is materially responsible for inconsistencies or inconsistencies in FDA inspection data may be prohibited. This means that he cannot offer his professional services to any company with an upcoming or approved NDA or YOU.