Why Your iPhone XR Is Not Connecting To The Netgear Range Extender?

Most of us install the range extender just to enhance the signal strength of the existing network. But, what if you are trying to connect your iPhone XR to the Range extender and getting the error ‘internet not available’ or ‘Sorry can’t reach network’. This is quite a common issue and occurs if the phone is not within the range of the extender, SSID and password entered is incorrect or the extender is not getting the signal. The steps to fix the problem are: 

1. Check whether you have turned on the Wi-Fi on the iPhone XR or not. You can turn it on from the Flag menu. 

2. Now, search for the Wi-Fi SSID from the list and make sure you are selecting the right SSID. 

3. Enter the password for the same. 

4. If after, entering the password you are still getting a problem, then there are chances that extender is not set up properly on the network. Click on this link for Netgear Wi-Fi extender setup

5. After confirming the extender setup, check if the signal is being received from the router on the extender or not. If you have placed the devices far apart from each other, then the signal strength will definitely get affected. 

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if you are still facing a problem, then reset your extender and try connecting your phone to it using the default login details.