Know About Bubble Hockey Table History

It is very important to distinguish that the history of hockey and bubble hockey table are very different in their origins. You can find more about bubble hockey table online via

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Table hockey game first arrived in the 1920s. They have players who are made of wood and wire. Because players can only spin in place, the initial table hockey game takes the hump in the middle of the table to keep the puck moving while playing the game. In 1950, our ideas of modern hockey table was born. The game displays full-color player capable of sliding up and down the playing surface. Most agree that hockey table this way in Europe since the 1930s.

Bubble hockey as we know it began in 1982 when the Innovative Concepts in Entertainment creates Chexx first game of bubble hockey. The Chexx bubble hockey game became very popular with the audience arcade and hockey fans alike. The game is focused on the USA Olympic hockey team underdog hockey team in 1980 against the Russian giant.

Obviously some of the appeal of the game played on the emotions of the American hockey fans are still proud of the 1980 Olympic gold medal winning USA hockey. Today, Super Chexx game of bubble hockey is the brand of choice for most fans as standard hockey bubble that never diminished from the beginning. There are other brands that compete with Super Chexx for bubble hockey supremacy. Along with the original super Chexx, the model created by Regent- Halex, Harvard, Shelti, and Carrom all worth checking out.