History Of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have only been around for the past 40 years. Before the hearses were used to transport ill and injured people to the hospital and died at the funeral home.

Ambulance services were managed by the local funeral home and the agents had little to no aid training. To get more information about emergency medical services, you may go through https://www.jacarandamaternity.co.ke/.

emergency medical services

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After World War II rescue teams and ambulance services have begun to emerge, but while their intentions were good, they were untrained, unorganized, and ill-equipped to deal with emergencies.

At the time there were no training programs for the first competencies, basic care, and not even training standards. Therefore, pre-hospital care was a group of non-coordinated, well-intentioned efforts.

In 1965, more people died in accidents related to automobiles (50,000) so that died 8 years of the Vietnam War. In 1966, a report entitled accidental loss and disability was released by the National Academy of Sciences.

It vividly describes the problems in pre-hospital care and the extent of traffic deaths and disabilities. Recommendations were made for ambulance standards, policies, and regulations at the state level.

The US Department of Transportation has also been formed and became responsible for the improvement of EMS education. Consequently, in 1967, the first manual well designed for the EMS staff was done.