Current Trends In Kitchen Renovations

Have you recently decided to renovate your kitchen? Before you begin, you may be wondering what the current kitchen design trends are so you can make sure your upgrades include some of these current ideas.


Many Kitchen renovation now focus on more or less minimalistic ideas. This resulted in the addition of a long, straight benchtop and a door that was parallel to the wall. Glossy panels and open shelves are also very popular if you want to get a minimalist look when renovating your kitchen.

Bathroom 5.png


As we increasingly choose eco-friendly furniture in our homes, green kitchens must increase. The purchase and production of kitchen cabinets that emit low volatile organic compounds, reduce air pollution and install highly energy-efficient LED lighting is increasing. The "natural" look of hardwood floors and tile tiles are also popular when renovating new kitchens, both of which are eco-friendly.


Today there are more and more children in the kitchen helping mom and dad to cook or simply make lunch. Therefore, parents are looking for new designs for safe kitchen renovations to minimize the risk of injury. Lockout, a popular choice for refurbishment, is designed to prevent accidental activation of the furnace burner. There are also mechanisms you can install during renovations to keep kitchen drawers and cabinets from clogging if your fingers are still on the move.

Hidden device

Gone are the days when families wanted to show off their new microwave or dishwasher. Today, people are using their kitchen remodeling to create clever ways of hiding their appliances. The fridge has been flattened so that it doesn't stick out over the cupboards, and drawers and freezers are also very popular. It's also becoming more and more common to find homes renovated where the exterior of their equipment matches other cabinets, thus putting them together.