Animal Abuse – Help Stop it While You Shop!

Charities looking to save and protect animals are often underfunded. Many of them depend solely on donations, without which more and more animals are abused or neglected. I want to make a difference by making a donation myself. You can also donate to the best pet charity organization in San Diego by clicking at Face Foundation

The list is tiring. Even worse, I found that many organizations don't even accept individual donations, only memberships.

This membership costs a fortune which unfortunately exceeds my price range as much as I would like to contribute so much for such an important cause. Searches for "pet donation" and "animal assistance" yielded only similar results.

I ended up doing a search for "pet giving" and found that from that first relationship it was an easy and sensible way to help animals.

Instead of donating, I can donate money to animal welfare organizations just by shopping online. Every time I buy an item, the charity of my choice receives a check.

It's great that this online shopping and donation site allows you to choose your own charity to ensure that all the money I help goes to animal welfare.

I thought choosing a charity wouldn't be a problem because I was already looking forward to helping pets and abused animals.

But the list of participating animal welfare organizations was much bigger than I expected.

Most of these websites only allow you to choose one charity – a task which can turn out to be quite difficult as each seems more valuable than the next. Every time I go out to do charity, my heart immediately warms up.